Who are you?

I'm a information security student by day, but dazzled by psychology and literature as well through the day. I enjoy instructing my life with psychology and searching for new methods to improve productivity and life experience with network and useful tools. That pursuing individual freedom and searching for the truth is the life attitude I always extol.

Alongside those stiff metal boxes and 'colourful' screen, I would also add some softer and warmer colors to my life by reading various books of different fields, listening different podcasts and create somthing interesting.You can hear some of my voice on Zhihu and Weibo (under construction now).

Let me conclude the instruction here — being warm and pure, with love and freedom.

What is this site for?

Neptune is a place for me to store trivia which I learn through my life. So far, it contains my learning portfolio, notes while reading and articles/papers that caught my eyes, et cetera.

I believe there is no inputs without outputs in this information-abundant era. Therefore, I choose to jot down words that may never be revisited even by myself to witness my growth course and era in my eyes.

Just like the title says, 'Make a dent in the universe'. Surely, it may not make any visible contribution to enlarge a huge pie, but neither will it do any harm. And, it might be this very addition that helps one in need. From this perspective, the words here don’t exist for being useful. They exist for a potential future me or someone else in search of resonance, recollections or reconcilement. If there is a possibility, there is a dynamic.

Neputune is a place for self-awareness and the congnitive word, and constantly reconstruct the current way to reach the essence of life.

Disclaimers & Copyrights

Reasonable care is taken to ensure the information I provided here is checked by myself and up to date at the time of publication, but it is still subject to inaccuracies and changes. I take no responsibility for any errors/omissions, or any damages/distress resulting from following the advice or information made available.

Some rights of mine are waived under the condition of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, which means you are free to copy and redistribute the material from this site in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit without remixing, transforming, and using for commercial purposes.


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