POJ3684 Physics Experiment


Simon is doing a physics experiment with N identical balls with the same radius of R centimeters. Before the experiment, all N balls are fastened within a vertical tube one by one and the lowest point of the lowest ball is H meters above the ground. At beginning of the experiment, (at second 0), the first ball is released and falls down due to the gravity. After that, the balls are released one by one in every second until all balls have been released. When a ball hits the ground, it will bounce back with the same speed as it hits the ground. When two balls hit each other, they with exchange their velocities (both speed and direction).

POJ3279 Fliptile


Farmer John knows that an intellectually satisfied cow is a happy cow who will give more milk. He has arranged a brainy activity for cows in which they manipulate an M × N grid (1 ≤ M ≤ 15; 1 ≤ N ≤ 15) of square tiles, each of which is colored black on one side and white on the other side.

POJ3276 Face The Right Way


Farmer John has arranged his N (1 ≤ N ≤ 5,000) cows in a row and many of them are facing forward, like good cows. Some of them are facing backward, though, and he needs them all to face forward to make his life perfect.

POJ2010 Moo University - Financial Aid


Bessie noted that although humans have many universities they can attend, cows have none. To remedy this problem, she and her fellow cows formed a new university called The University of Wisconsin-Farmside,"Moo U" for short.

POJ1064 Cable master


Inhabitants of the Wonderland have decided to hold a regional programming contest. The Judging Committee has volunteered and has promised to organize the most honest contest ever. It was decided to connect computers for the contestants using a "star" topology - i.e. connect them all to a single central hub. To organize a truly honest contest, the Head of the Judging Committee has decreed to place all contestants evenly around the hub on an equal distance from it.

POJ3320 Jessica's Reading Problem


Jessica's a very lovely girl wooed by lots of boys. Recently she has a problem. The final exam is coming, yet she has spent little time on it. If she wants to pass it, she has to master all ideas included in a very thick text book. The author of that text book, like other authors, is extremely fussy about the ideas, thus some ideas are covered more than once. Jessica think if she managed to read each idea at least once, she can pass the exam. She decides to read only one contiguous part of the book which contains all ideas covered by the entire book. And of course, the sub-book should be as thin as possible.

POJ3061 Subsequence


A sequence of N positive integers (10 < N < 100 000), each of them less than or equal 10000, and a positive integer S (S < 100 000 000) are given. Write a program to find the minimal length of the subsequence of consecutive elements of the sequence, the sum of which is greater than or equal to S.

POJ2456 Aggressive cows


Farmer John has built a new long barn, with N (2 <= N <= 100,000) stalls. The stalls are located along a straight line at positions x1,...,xN (0 <= xi <= 1,000,000,000).


01 背包问题


有 n 个重量和价值分别为 \(w_i\)\(v_i\) 的物品。从这些物品中挑选出总重量不超过 W 的物品,求所有挑选方案中价值总和的最大值。



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