Computer Networking Chapter 5 The Link Layer: Links, Access Network


  • hosts and routers: nodes
  • communication channels that connect adjacent nodes along communication path: links
    • wired links
    • wireless links
    • LANs
  • layer-2 packet: frame, encapsulates datagram

Computer Networking Chapter 4 The Network Layer

4.1 Introduction

4.1.1 Forwarding and Routing

  • forwarding: move packets from router's input to appropriate router output
  • routing: determine route taken by packets from source to dest.

Computer Networking Chapter 3 Transport Layer

3.1 Introduction and Transport-Layer Services

Transport services and protocols

  • provide logical communication between app process running on different hosts
  • transport protocols run in end systems
    • send side: break app messages into segments, passes to network layer
    • rcv side: reassembles segments into messages, passes to app layer
  • more than one transport protocol available to apps
    • Internet: TCP and UDP

Computer Networking Chapter 2 Application Layer

2.1 Principles of Network Applications

2.1.1 Network Application Architectures

  • Client-server
    • server
      • always-on host
      • permanent IP address
      • data centers for scaling
    • clients
      • communicate with server
      • may be intermittently connected
      • may have dynamic IP addresses
      • do not communicate directly with each other
  • peer-to-peer
    • no always-on server
    • arbitrary end systems directly communicate
    • peers request service from other peers, provide service in return to other peers
      • self scalability – new peers bring new service capacity, as well as new service demands
    • peers are intermittently connected and change IP addresses
      • complex management

Computer Networking Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 What is the Internet?

1.1.1 A Nuts-and Bolts Description

Figure 1.1 Some pieces of the Internet

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